Nature Writing in America. Numero Cinq. 2012.

Available in its entirety as a “digital book.”

Also available as a limited edition printed book. Contact Adam via Adam(at) to purchase your copy.

Features six personal/historical essays and one craft essay inspired by mid-20th Century environmental writers.


Greening the Landscape. W.W. Norton. 2012.

From the Norton catalog:

A guide to improving the environmental performance of any landscape through the use of green construction and maintenance. Landscapes create obvious environmental benefits but can have unrecognized negative impacts. Arvidson outlines the five primary problem issues—plant pots, vehicle fuel, energy consumption, water/fertilizer use, and green waste—and details a variety of practices, ranging from exceedingly simple ideas to long-term investments, for making the installation and upkeep of landscapes more green.

Order here.


Orchids, Mussels, Wolves. Borealis Books. 2017

This forthcoming book is an exploration of the human and natural landscape of the upper Midwest, through the stories of each of Minnesota’s federally endangered and threatened species.  From a prairie creek minnow to a cliff-dwelling plant left over from the ice age to an iridescent blue butterfly, these species together describe the breadth and diversity of midwestern landscapes–and the complexity of our relationships with those landscapes.

For samples, check out “Blushing Fish” from the 2012 Briar Cliff Review and “Lines on the Prairie” from the Spring 2012 Michigan Quarterly Review.

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